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New micro:bit Python Editor

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New micro:bit Python Editor

The new micro:bit Python Editor for text-based programming and physical computing

The new micro:bit Python Editor is designed to

- Capture students’ interest by making coding quick and easy 

- Keep students engaged by reducing errors and promoting creativity

- Increase students’ motivation to learn to code with the physical micro:bit device, making abstract programming concepts come to life 

- Support learning discovery with in-context reference content and drag and drop code snippets.


 New features include

- Simulator

- Model and test code to get live feedback, and start coding even without a physical device 

- Code structure highlighting

- Supports algorithm planning and learning about programming sequence

- Error highlighting

- Provides debugging assistance to spot incorrect code 

- Auto-correct 

- Create code quickly, easily, and avoid typing errors

- Drag and drop code snippets

- Get started quickly with working code that can be modified 

- Reference

- Learn about computer systems and coding fundamentals.


Link to educator landing page here: https://microbit.org/new-microbit-python-editor/

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