• Merk:makeblock
  • EAN:6928819509108
  • Artikelnummer:MAK-P5010033
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  • Levertijd:1-2 werkdagen


  • Each basswood board is filmed with a layer of sticker paper which makes it easy to print patterns on the board and prevents the board edges turning yellow during processing.
  • Circular barcode labels are attached to the products. Laserbox can automatically identify the barcodes, allowing users to skip manual setup.
  • The basswood boards can be used in model-making, DIY and laser engraving projects and other types of wooden crafts.
  • Wear-resisting, corrosion-proof, fine-textured, easy to process, and anti-cracking.


Package Dimension : 308 x170 x 228mm
Product Dimension : 297 x 210 x 3mm
Gross Weight : 5600g


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