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The Grove Speaker Plus includes a powerful amplifier driver board and a fancy speaker. With the help of the on-board potentiometer, you can easily adjust the output volume. You could replace the speaker with other speakers you like as it adopts separated ...Meer informatie


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  • Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad
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Now we are offering you an opportunity to enjoy beautiful music developed by our new Grove Speaker Plus which is consisted of a powerful amplifier driver board and an independent high-quality speaker! The speaker generates different tones with different input frequencies, easy to control with the PWM signal. You could create distinctive sound effects, play your favourite songs, or build your own music box with easy coding or a large number of existing music code. 


  • Good sound quality speaker with high volume
  • Separated and replaceable speaker design
  • Sound adjustable function with onboard potentiometer
  • Easy to use plug and play interface 

Part list

Items Values
Grove Speaker Plus Amplifier Driver Board 1
Mono Enclosed Speaker - 2W 6 Ohm 1


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