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Grove - RGB LED uses the same component WS2813 mini compared with Grove - RGB LED ring. It can be programmed with full display colour and be used for connecting other RGB LED rings or RGB LED sticks by series mode.

For example, if you want to build up a Olympic rings with LED, you can choose RGB LED rings for the Olympic rings and this RGB LED for the bridge to connect the Olympic rings together. Cause they are from the same type and they can be driven by the same power supplier. Besides, you can get a couple of LED to scrabble any pattern you like. So hope you get one and finish your amazing project!


  • 256 gray levels, 256*256*256=16777216” full-color display
  • Built-in control circuit in a 3535 components
  • Chainable, can be cascaded with multiple LED rings
  • Support 5V/3.3V power in, support 5V/3.3V control data level.
  • Dual-signal wires, signal break-point continuous transmission


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