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Key Features

  • Passive: Tunable passive buzzer
  • Interface: Grove


This is a 3-5V passive buzzer. You can change the PMW frequency to award different beep sound to get a "buzzer music". Also, the buzzer can be set as an alarm for security applications. So get one and start your own project!


Item Value
Voltage range 3V–5V
Resonant Frequency 2700 Hz
sound output > 80dB
Working temperature -20-70 °C
Dimensions 20mm * 20mm * 10mm
Weight 3g
Battery Exclude


Product Specifications Features
Grove-Buzzer Resonant frequency: 2300±300Hz

sound output:>85 dB
active: requires only DC voltage, loud sound
Grove Passive Buzzer Resonant frequency: 2700Hz

sound output:>80 dB
passive: requires AC signal, pleasant sound

Part List

  • 1 x Grove - Passive Buzzer
  • 1 x Grove cable



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