About Us

RATO Education is certified LEGO Education partner and main distributor of LEGO Education learning tools for primary and secundary education in Belgium.

The focus of education and the role of educators are changing. Twentyfirst century learning is about providing children with opportunities to experiment with their surroundings as a form of problem solving. It is about creativity and collaboration, motivation and self-direction. It is about improvisation and discovery, and interacting with meaningful tools that expand mental capacities.

New technology; computers, digital information and online communication, are helping to expand the way we acquire and use knowledge, and this too is paving the way for more dynamic and effective teaching and learning experiences.

LEGO Education solutions enable students to be active, creative and collaborative solution-seekers. In this way their instinct to learn is stimulated, and they are motivated to apply their learning in new contexts, which means that they embark on a self-directed learning process.

LEGO students use LEGO bricks and digital tools to solve problems creatively and to excel at working with others and thinking critically.

By working in this way, they develop their understanding and ability to retain knowledge of key curriculum concepts, and therefore do well in school and on high-stakes tests.