LEGO Education Fairytale Expansion Set

Fairytale Expansion Set

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Age Mark: 6+
Piece Count: 186
Brick Type: LEGO® System
Students per set : 1-3
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  • Merk:LEGO Education
  • EAN:45101
  • Artikelnummer:LEG-45101
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Intended for use with the StoryStarter Core Set (45100), this set encompasses all the benefits of the Core Set while broadening its use, encouraging students to create rich and detailed fairy tales through a new range of elements, specific to this genre of literature. 


The supporting curriculum pack invites pupils to delve deeper into the genre of fairy tales and fantasy by exploring characters, plots, and settings in greater detail. These activities endow pupils with the powerful skills of conducting research, interpreting findings, and documenting stories using a variety of writing styles, including articles, interviews, short biographies, and scripts.


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