LEGO Education Community Starter Set

Community Starter Set

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Leeftijd: 4+
Aantal onderdelen: 1907
Brick Type: LEGO® System
Aantal studenten per set : 10+
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Product omschrijving

  • Merk:LEGO Education
  • EAN:673419168175
  • Artikelnummer:LEG-9389
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A huge set with endless possibilities! Build a community with a theme park, zoo, high street or whatever else you might think of. Includes colourful bricks in all shapes and sizes and a large selection of special elements such as windows, flowers, wheels, minifigures and many more. Also provides four Brick Separators that make it easier to take models apart.

Key learning values:

  • Exploring community life 
  • Investigating roles and responsibilities in the community 
  • Using imagination to model the world and express ideas 
  • Developing creativity and self-expression 


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