LEGO® Education BuildToExpress Core Set

LEGO® Education BuildToExpress Core Set

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Age Mark: 6+
Piece Count: 200
Brick Type: LEGO® System
Students per set : 1
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The BuildToExpress Core Set consists of 200 LEGO® elements, which were carefully selected to provide a broad spectrum of "ready-made metaphors."  An Activity Pack containing practical guidance on working with the BuildToExpress concept complements this set.


Each BuildToExpress Core Set includes 200 LEGO elements and a base plate, all delivered in a convenient storage bin.

The colorful bricks, accessories and minifigures were chosen with five criteria in mind:

  • To allow for opportunities to free build with traditional LEGO bricks that come in a variety of colors and sizes.
  • To contain elements that enable movement in a model.
  • To enable students to create scenes and models which encourage them to talk about everyday experiences from their own lives.
  • To offer students a range of elements that can be used as ready-made metaphors, helping them to explain ideas they have on a particular topic.
  • To invite students to assign personal significance and subjective metaphors to the bricks in their models.

One set contains the LEGO elements needed for one student.


LEGO Education BuildToExpress is designed to enable students to communicate and express themselves effectively. The bricks encourage introspection and reflection and give an equal voice to all students that participate in the process. The instantly engaging LEGO elements enhance students’ creative and critical thinking abilities while also improving speaking, listening, and 21st century learning skills.


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