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• What is AI & IoT Robot Education Kit?
The AI & IoT Robot Education Kit includes an mBot robot and comes with 10+ electronic modules and accessories. The Smart Camera included is a camera that can learn, calculate and detect objects. The kit is designed to expose students to AI applications and enable them to use electronic modules to DIY fun AI projects.


  • 10+ electronic modules included are perfect for robotics, makers and coding related education
  • Suitable as MakeX Starter supplies(Requires use with MakeX starter equipment kit)
  • Scratch & Arduino C, coming with mBlock's powerful AI services, enables AI teaching and applications(Baidu AI(China) and Google Cloud)
  • One package of educational supplies including mBot, electronic modules, smart camera and aluminium alloy structural parts, making it fit for different purposes.
  • Accompanying online teaching resources available, easing teachers' teaching load.


 mBlock 5:
A powerful platform for coding designed for STEAM education


  • Chips: ATmega328
  • Components included:Smart Camera、Power、Audio Player、4 Button、LED Matrix、RGB-LED×2、RJ25 Adapter、Ultrasonic Sensor、Line Follower、9g Micro Servo Robot Pack×2、Bluetooth Dongle、Bluetooth Module、IR Controller (battery not included)、Lithium Battery、Micro SD Card、TT Motor×2、Orange EVA Ball ×3、Green EVA Ball×3、Metal Structural Parts、 Accessories Pack and more
  • Power:3.7V DC Lithium battery 、Power(mBuild
  • Wireless Communication:Bluetooth
  • Programming languages: Scratch, Python
  • Browser: macOS 10.10 or above/Win7 or above
  • App(only availabe on iPad): iOS 11 or above

Part List

1×Mainboard mCore
1×USB type B Cable
1×Micro USB Cable
6×RJ25 Cable-20cm
4×RJ25 Cable-35cm
1×RJ25-I2C Cable
2×mBuild 5V Universal Wire-20cm
4×Slide Beam0824-016
4×Slide Beam0824-032
1×Slide Beam0824-048
4×Slide Beam0824-080
4×Slide Beam0824-096
4×Slide Beam0824-112
8×Braket 3*3
4×Plate 45°
2×Triangle Plate 6*8
2×Braket 3*6
2×Bracket U1
12×M4*25+6 Brass Stud
30×M4*30mm Screw
32×M4*22 Screw
50×M4*16 Screw
50×M4*14mm Screw
50×M4*8 Screw
6×M3*25 Cross Screw
4×M2.2*8.5 Self-Tapping Screw
50×M4 Nut
30×M4 Locknut
8×M3 Nut
30×R4100 Rivet
50×4*7*3 Washer
1×Wrench 5mm&7mm
1×Bluetooth Dongle
1×Bluetooth Module
1×IR Controller (battery not included)
1×Audio Player+Micro SD Card
1×Smart Camera
1×4 Button
1×LED Matrix
1×RJ25 Adapter
1×Ultrasonic Sensor
1×Line Follower
2×Plastic Timing Pulley 90T For Motor
2×Slick Tire
1×Mini Caster Wheel
3×Orange EVA Ball
3×Green EVA Ball
1×Lithium Battery
2×9g Micro Servo Robot Pack
2×TT Motor
1×Barcode Card+Barcode Sticker
1×Map A
1×Map B
1×mBot Chassis
1×Small Screw Box


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