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Ultimate 2.0 is our most advanced 10-in-1 educational robot kit that has 550+ mechanical parts and electronic modules that allows you to build 10+ models from one set. Ultimate 2.0 also has superb motor control and great compatibility with Arduino & Raspberry Pi so that you can build a range of complex designs.


 10 in 1
With 550+ mechanical parts and electronic modules,you can build 10+ models from one set.
 Mainboard MegaPi with powerful Drive capability
MegaPi Mainboard, capable of simultaneously driving up to 10 servos, 8 DC motors or 4 stepper motors, has 4 extension interfaces which provides access to different types of sensors.
 Supports multiple programming languages
Block-based programming software enables you to program the Ultimate 2.0 by dragging and dropping function blocks. It also supports Arduino IDE and Raspberry Pi.
• Wireless Control
Use your iPhone or Android smart phone or tablet to program Ultimate to move wirelessly.


macOSX, Windows 7 or higher,WinXP,Chrome OS,Linux,iOS 9.0 or higher,Android






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