Inspiring the engineers of tomorrow

The world needs engineers. And cultivating an interest in technology and engineering at an early age can help bridge the growing gap. LEGO® Education solutions give you the tools you need to engage and inspire middle school students with real-world engineering challenges. From coming up with a disruptive idea to developing a working prototype, you’ll develop your students’ problem solving abilities with critical thinking and creativity skills.


Explore technology and engineering with best-in-class robotics

Let your middle school students develop and engineer technology that solves real-world problems with the impressive and comprehensive LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education solutions.

Design, build and test robots that can complete complex tasks, record live data, respond to environmental changes and more. LEGO® MINDSTORMS® helps you bring technology, science and computing to life with hands-on, project-based STEM learning using best-in-class robotics. The only limit is your students’ imagination. 


LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 lets your students design and build programmable robots using high quality motors, sensors, gears, wheels, axles, and other technical components.

By using hands-on robotics, students will: Produce simple sequences and commands that link cause and effect using input/output devices. Use intuitive prediction tools to gain first-hand experience in forming hypotheses. And integrate math and science using physical constraints, units of measurement, coordinate systems, min, max, mean, and linear.

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Machines & Mechanisms

Discover how real-world technology and engineering works

LEGO Education Machines & Mechanisms gives you the tools and activities to teach about real-world technology and engineering problems and solutions. 

Build and explore machines and mechanisms, investigate motorized machines, capture wind and study gearing mechanisms. This range of tools takes the learning out of the books and places it directly in the hands of students. We help you get started quickly with easy-to-use activities, guidance and real-world inspiration that bridges technology and science textbooks.


LEGO Machines & Mechanisms curriculum packs give you the tools to teach pneumatics, renewable energy, and simple and powered machines effectively. 

Introducing Simple & Powered Machines
Includes 48 lessons that open the world of machines and mechanisms.  

Pneumatics 10+
Includes 12 lessons that explore the mechanical properties of gasses. 

Renewable Energy 10+ 
Includes 20 lessons that illustrate how machines capture energy. 

Advancing with Simple & Powered Machines 
Includes 28 lessons. 

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