Get your first and second grade students excited about math by taking learning out of the textbook and putting it in their hands. Using LEGO® Education to supplement your lesson plans puts math into a fun and interesting context that is impossible to put down.

Strengthen your students’ understanding of how math problems are constructed and solved by creating a framework that helps them engage with math practices; making them tangible and understandable.

The lessons come with built-in ideas for differentiation ensuring that all students needs are met while enabling educators to deliver key content and offer opportunities for advanced learning.



Succeed in math through problem solving

LEGO Education MoreToMath helps students succeed in math through problem solving. Our full teaching solution, including guided lessons, student worksheets, and assessment, helps teachers make abstract math tangible and ignites students’ learning of the competencies needed to do mathematical problem solving. By using the familiar LEGO brick and real-life understanding, students feel encouraged and motivated to think, write, and speak freely about math.


Create engaging lessons focused on mathematical problem solving with the MoreToMath Curriculum Pack for 1st and 2nd grade. Included are 48 guided lessons, student worksheets, assessment resources, and ideas for differentiation and extended learning opportunities all designed to teach the mathematical practices and proficiencies as defined by the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

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Get a taste for LEGO Education with LearnToLearn

Experience the positive impact that LEGO Education solutions can have on learning, engagement and your overall classroom environment with LearnToLearn.

Designed to give educators a taste of what it’s like to use LEGO bricks in your classroom, LearnToLearn provides an ideal introduction to the world of LEGO Education elementary solutions. For teachers, it offers a glimpse into how LEGO bricks can be used to boost learning across literacy, math, science, and engineering. For students, the 72 colorful basic bricks can be used as a hands-on tool to experience, explore and solve a variety of activities.

With LearnToLearn educators get an easy on-ramp to our hands-on, minds-on learning method enabling them to see the impact the familiar brick can have on their classroom.

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