Language Arts

At the heart of every good story is an understanding of what makes it work. LEGO® Education motivates your elementary students to develop strong language and literacy skills by using a hands-on minds-on approach that motivates and engages them in writing, reading and storytelling. 

By using LEGO bricks, students can create scenes that become the foundation for writing, sharing and listening. Language arts lessons are transformed into playful learning experiences that build students writing and storytelling skills.



LEGO Education StoryStarter makes literacy tangible and creates confident and engaged storytellers and writers. As our core platform for language arts learning, the StoryStarter solution meets Common Core Standards and supports elementary teachers with a unique combination of the LEGO bricks, curriculum, easy-to-use software, and professional guidance and inspiration. Educators can encourage students to be engaged and confident writers and storytellers – enabling all students to succeed within language arts.