micro: bit

The award-winning BCC micro: bit is a compact, fully programmable computer designed to make learning and learning fun and easy. He is affordable too. Everywhere in the world the micro: bit is used to let pupils learn intuitively. He can be used in the classroom from day one. We offer free shipping from € 100 and schools pay only after delivery of the micro: bit. Buy it now at Rato Education!


BCC micro: bit, groundbreaking

BCC has designed the micro: bit to stimulate creativity in everyone. You can make it a musical instrument, a technically programmed robot, a dancing robot, a banana keyboard, in short: the possibilities are endless.
There are more than 200 activities that you can try with the micro: bit. From creative and simple to very technical and complicated.

Research shows that 70% more girls choose an ICT direction after the use of the micro: bit in the classroom, because girls are also good at technology! Break the stereotype pen, because the micro: bit is for everyone!

Micro: bit at school: accessible to everyone and fun!

Everywhere in the world the micro: bit is used as a tool in schools. From the country of origin: the United Kingdom, to Singapore, to Sri Lanka, to Finland, you name it.

Because the micro: bit is more accessible than regular programming, it is so popular. He is specially designed class-friendly. The micro: bit is a fun and instructive way to get motivated students to learn things and get concrete results.

Also the micro: bit is not only suitable for computer / ICT lessons, you can use it almost everywhere! The micro: bit can also be used as an aid in the lessons: design technology, physics, art and even music lessons!

The micro: bit accessible to all directions, not just STEM directions.
Teachers feel more confident in their ICT lessons and pupils are much more interested because they can experiment themselves.

Because the micro: bit does not require additional software and programming can be done with Javascript Blocks and Python, it is even more accessible to the classroom. These two programming softwares are easy to use and understandable for everyone. He is also easy to start with. Both Windows, Mac, Chromebook or Linus systems (including Raspberry Pi) are supported and the fun app immediately shows you the way!


Order the BBC micro: bit Now at RATO Education!

Do you feel the creeps already in your fingers? Can not wait to try the micro: bit in the classroom and motivate all students? Then buy the micro: bit now at RATO Education!
The starter kit contains everything you need to start experimenting with the micro: bit and later you can expand to the advanced kit. We offer free shipping from € 100 and schools only pay after delivery!