Marty The Robot

The Robotical® Marty The Robot is made to be fully programmed by your children! The use of Marty De Robot can be at home or in the classroom. You can choose with which programming software your children / pupils Marty will finalize, depending on the age and technical insight of the children.
We offer free shipping from € 100 and schools pay only after the delivery of Marty De Robot. Buy it now at RATO Education!

Robotical® Marty The Robot: Optimize it to your wishes!

Robotical® designed Marty De Robot with the aim to introduce certain age groups to software and programming. You can make Marty very simple but also advanced. All you need is WiFi!
From 10 to 13 years the Marty can be used to learn basic programming with Scratch, building the kit, getting to know the engine and servomotor, getting to know robot technology and even trying 3D printing.
From 13 to 15 years you can program Marty advanced using Python / C ++ or JavaScript. You can also develop your own app and even design parts for Marty and 3D printing!
From 16 years you can make programming very advanced. This can be done with Python / C ++ or JavaScript. You can also make a V-REP simulation. The Marty is completely Open Source with integration in ROS. You can add sensors to the Marty or link it to a single board computer like the Raspberry Pi.

What Marty De Robot teaches you:

Marty The Robot is a fully programmable robot. You can teach him many things. He can walk, balance himself on one leg, revolve, dance, and even play football! You can learn all this with the simple programming software Python.

Marty is fun as a toy, but even more fun to learn things. Marty The Robot is mainly about programming, but you can do a lot more with it. You learn to work with robot technology and mechanics, you learn to work better with a computer and you can play games with Marty De Robot. Marty De Robot is also very economical and has a durable battery.

If you are stuck somewhere, do not worry. At Marty De Robot there is a comprehensive manual to put it together and tips for programming. You can also find more information at
Another nice fact is that all (extra) parts of Marty De Robot are printable with a 3D printer. You can give Marty a hat, print colorful accessories and even a mustache! Marty The Robot is therefore more versatile than just learning to program.

Order Marty De Robot at RATO Education now!

Marty De Robot is made for a large target group. If you buy it for educational purposes, you can go there with different classes and ages, even in the university.
Children learn programming, discover the lifelike robot technology, learn how to use mechanics and play with 3D printing is all possible with Marty De Robot! Buy it now at RATO Education! Our kit contains everything you need to optimize Marty to your needs. We offer free shipping from € 100 and schools only pay after delivery!