Preschool education

LEGO® Education for pre-school education helps your toddlers discover the world. LEGO® Education has special sets to discover your kindergarten class while playing with LEGO® blocks. Whatever you are looking for to expand your toddlers in primary school, RATO Education has it! Discover our range for nursery education now! We offer free, fast shipping from € 100!


LEGO® Education Pre-school education: fun and instructive!

LEGO® Education for pre-school education can be divided into 5 different themes to help your nursery school develop and to learn about the world where they take their first steps.

  • Op Verkenning : in this category you can find everything from gigantic, soft LEGO blocks to slightly more complex building sets to stimulate the creativity of the children.
  • Social and Emotional development : in this category you will find building sets that include: a set of wild animals, a set with which they can build emotions, building sets with different foodstuffs (ice cream, burgers, etc.) and also extra large LEGO® Duplo blocks let the students build themselves and tell a story with their building skills.
  • Mathematics and Science : this category is full of building sets to quietly awaken the mathematical insight of the children. In this category you can find building sets related to simple machines, cars and trains with accompanying lanes, simple technical jobs and animal bingo.
  • Language : the name of the category says it all. In this category you will find minifigures where the toddlers can play in the form of a role play, a large farm set that the toddlers can build according to their own wishes, the StoryTales with which they stimulate their language on the basis of their storytelling skills, and much more.
  • Understanding the World : in this category you can find everything that has to do with society. For example: the Space and Airport set to get acquainted with airspace, farm sets, community sets where you will find minifigures with different skin colors and clothing, the different vehicles, ... in short, everything your kindergarten needs in order to enter our world in a fun way to discover!


Order your LEGO® Education Preschool education sets at RATO Education!

Infancy is the best time for your students to discover things. This is already possible, thanks to the LEGO® Education Preschool education sets that are available at RATO Education. You can choose what you want to learn by means of the great diversity of the sets that we offer. Are you looking for a specific theme that you want to train your toddlers in? We have created separate categories per learning theme to make it extra easy for you. Do not wait any longer to order online at RATO Education, where schools can pay after delivery, which is also free from € 100!