LEGO Education StoryStarter

The LEGO® Education Story Starter has been specially designed to teach language in a creative way. The Story Starter is specially made for students to communicate with each other and to cooperate. It is the first LEGO® Education set specifically aimed at language.

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LEGO® Education StoryStarter: Stimulate Creativity!

Lego® Education StoryStarter is designed to teach students in primary school how to deal with language and cooperation. Thanks to the LEGO® building blocks and the StoryVisualizer software, they can create stories and visualize them.

The StoryStarter offers a curriculum specifically to improve the listening, reading, writing and speaking skills of the students.


Learning thanks to the StoryStarter:

The StoryStarter is an innovative and practical way to inspire students, learn to collaborate, and learn how to make stories. Various essential skills can be learned with the StoryStarter:

  • Language: better to learn to read and write
  • Communication: speaking, listening and presenting
  • Storytelling: students are enabled to tell their own new stories and to analyze other stories
  • Digital tools: thanks to the StoryVisualizer software, students learn to work with digital programs


The Available Sets at RATO Education:

  • The Core Set : this set is packed with elements that can be used up to five students. The materials are delivered in a storage box with sorting trays, base plates, activity spinners, stickers and special LEGO® building blocks and mini-figures.
  • Community expansion package: this package contains all kinds of parts that have to do with our current society, such as business, shops, transport and much more.
  • Space expansion package : this set allows students to discover the world of science fiction. They discover nature, society, and the history of mankind. Thanks to the Space set they can discover new story styles and write writing styles for example in a diary, writing letters, etc.
  • Fairytale expansion package : the fairy tale set allows students to discover the fairytale and fantasy genre. They can discover settings and characters, and plots in detail and develop them themselves. With the Fairytale set they can also discover new writing styles such as: articles, interviews, biographies and scripts.

Why StoryStarter is interesting for teachers:

Teachers know best how difficult it can sometimes be to motivate their students. Enthusiasm for reading and writing is far-fetched. That's why LEGO® Education has designed the StoryStarter concept. StoryStarter is intended to support language teaching.

Thanks to StoryStarter, students can discover how they lay the foundation for a well-structured story. They do this by linking the StoryStarter to current topics and making stories about it. Thanks to StoryVisualizer software, students can link their creations from the physical world to the digital world. And they visualize it.

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Regardless of the enthusiasm level of your students, language becomes fun with the StoryStarter!
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We offer free shipping from € 100 and schools only pay after delivery!