LEGO Education MoreToMath

The LEGO® Education MoreToMath is the perfect way to motivate your students to learn math.
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LEGO® Education MoreToMath: Math Made Fun!

With the LEGO® Education MoreToMath your pupils learn to play mathematics. LEGO building blocks allow your students to master the necessary mathematical skills. Arithmetic, basic algebra, measurement, geometry and spatial thinking can be learned thanks to the MoreToMath and this individually or in pairs!

The MoreToMath offers quick success, so that students enjoy the math lesson.

Advantages of the MoreToMath:

The LEGO® Education MoreToMath offers a host of benefits, both for teachers and their students.

What the students have about it:

  • The MTM makes mathematics a fun subject for the students
  • The pupils learn to work carefully, to work in an orderly and accurate manner and to persevere with problems
  • The MTM is ideal for teaching students abstract concepts and linking them to reality

For teachers, MoreToMath is interesting because:

  • There are 48 ready-to-use maths lessons that are adapted to the curriculum
  • The MTM is flexible and supports creative teaching
  • The curriculum consists of as many as 200 pages full of inspiration, lesbian descriptions, tips and instructions for evaluation
  • The MTM is optimized for a digital whiteboard and the extensive MathBuilder software package is included
  • A handy storage box is included so that you and your students can neatly store and sort everything

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Make math fun? Thanks to the LEGO® Education MoreToMath this is possible!
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