LEGO Education LearnToLearn

The LEGO® Education LearnToLearn is ideal for learning to work with LEGO® Education through familiar LEGO® components.
Start today and install the software.
The software, curriculum materials and support for the teacher are freely available at

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LEGO® Education LearnToLearn: From Teachers, For Teachers!

LEGO® Education LearnToLearn was created by teachers from 4 different countries to teach teachers and primary school pupils to work with LEGO® Education. Thanks to the LEGO® building blocks and the curriculum, teachers and students can observe the power of LEGO® Education.

The LearnToLearn offers a curriculum that teaches you how to work with LEGO® Education through simple LEGO® building plans and to help students with mathematics, language, science and technology.

Learning with the LearnToLearn:

The LEGO® Education LearnToLearn is an educational tool that helps primary school students thanks to its curriculum. Through the curriculum they can learn and improve the following:

  • Design and build
  • Language and reading
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Collaborate
  • Creativity
  • Creating solutions for problems

The LearnToLearn Core set:

The LearnToLearn core set contains 28 sets, each with 72 LEGO® building blocks to work with 28 students.
Pupils can. Building a knowledge with these building blocks or being creative yourself.
Together with your students you can check whether the building blocks are complete and together store the building blocks in the enclosed resealable bags.

Order The LEGO® Education LearnToLearn Now at RATO Education!

Do you want to learn how to work with LEGO® Education? The LearnToLearn is ideal for this! You learn how to get started thanks to the free (!) Curriculum. Thanks to LEGO® Education you can teach your students things in a fun way. The LearnToLearn offers a guaranteed success for more motivation through creation!
We offer free shipping from € 100 and schools only pay after delivery!