LEGO Education BuildToExpress

The LEGO® Education BuildToExpress is a learning mechanism from LEGO® Education to express itself through LEGO building blocks.
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LEGO® Education BuildToExpress: Serious Play!

LEGO® Education BuildToExpress is a learning mechanism where students receive assignments and have to execute them using familiar LEGO® building blocks. There are several concepts in the curriculum that help students understand and illustrate things for example: how they imagine a character of a book or how they visualize a historical event. They can visualize and communicate this thanks to the LEGO® building blocks from the BuildToExpress.

The BuildToExpress offers a curriculum that teaches you to express yourself and tell your story through simple LEGO® building plans.

Improve communication thanks to BuildToExpress:

The LEGO® Education BuildToExpress is a great way to improve communication in the classroom. All pupils must be active and speak aloud for the rest of the class, and the BuildToExpress also helps the not-so-confident students to achieve this. Thanks to the BuildToExpress, pupils can learn from each other, learn to think creatively and learn to work together.

The BuildToExpress Core set:

The core set contains 200 LEGO parts and a construction plate. These are stored in a handy storage box.
The colorful blocks and mini figures are based on five criteria:

  • Students can let their imagination run free and build what they want
  • Some parts can move for extra mobility
  • Students can build decors and models that give them the opportunity to share their own experiences
  • Offering a variety of ready-to-use elements so that students can use them as metaphors and share ideas
  • Invite students to express personal findings and subjective metaphors thanks to the building blocks of their model

A BuildToExpress set contains components for 1 student.

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