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  • Brand:Wonder Workshop
  • Article number:WON-CUE-BLACK
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A friend suitable for you

Cue is an incredibly smart robot with a witty attitude that is full of interactive surprises. Choose from four free unique avatars to customize Cue with a personality that suits you. The more you explore, the more you will discover what Cue can do.

Advanced technical features

Experience interactive communication with the new Emotive AI systems. More memory, improved sensors, improved processors and advanced Bluetooth capabilities make Cue a truly smart robot.

  • 3 proximity sensors
  • Realtime Bluetooth
  • IR Robot interaction
  • 3 processors and sensor fusion
  • Double motors and potentiometers
  • 3 microphones and speaker
  • Programmable LEDs & buttons
  • 2 driven wheels and encoders

Customize Cue and create and create your own avatar

Choose from four free unique hero avatars each with an amazing depth of personality, expressions and interactions.

What's in the box

  • Cue Robot
  • Battery charger
  • stickers
  • Connector blocks



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