ARDUINO CTC GO! - Motions Expansion Pack

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Build on your high school students’ STEAM knowledge with more complex programming concepts that develop computational thinking and 21st-century skills ...More information

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If you’ve taken your students through the CTC GO! - Core Module, the Motions Expansion Pack will build on what they have already learned about how to use technology as a tool and how to apply that knowledge in the real world. The Motions Expansion Pack challenges them to go a step further in computing and design and technology by introducing them to new and more complex programming concepts that develop their logical reasoning, computational thinking, and problem-solving skills. Students will expand on their knowledge and skills in STEAM subjects to learn about motions by adding mobility to the hands-on, playful projects and transforming the movement their motors provide. As an educator, you’ll still get all the teaching support you need with webinars, videos, guides, and direct contact with an expert.


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