Arduino is a computer platform that is made to make microcontrollers simple. Arduino can be used by hobbyists, artists, artists, and so many more people. Anyone interested in designing and creating smart and creative designs is in good hands with Arduino.

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Arduino Modules:

Arduino modules are simplified versions of the Arduino Boards. Arduino Modules are used to connect different devices with a high current.

Rato Education offers the following modules:

  • 4-Channel Relay Module: With this module you can connect directly via your microcontroller other devices that require a high current. The 4-channel relay module has opto-insulated inputs and status LEDs for a relay output.
  • 5 V relay module compatible with Arduino: this relay module operates at a voltage of 5VDC
  • 5 VDC stepper motor with ULN2003 driver: A small and versatile set of stepper motor and driver. With the ULN2003 driver you can easily control the 5 VDC stepper motor from any Arduino or other compatible circuit board with wire bridges. The 4-phase LED indicates the status of the stepper motor.
  • Touch screen 2.8 Inch for Arduino Uno / Mega: Add a nice large touchscreen to your project with this 2.8 "large display and a microSD lock on a shield.
    The shield is fully assembled, tested and ready to use. The touchscreen does not have wires and requires no soldering. You plug it in, load the library and the display works in less than 10 minutes!
  • Arduino TFT LCD Screen: This is a 1.77inch TFT SPI module with SD color, with up to 18 bits per pixel and a resolution of 160x128. On the reverse side there is a microSD card slot where you can store bitmaps that you can display on the screen. The headers are specially tuned to the Esplorara, but the module is compatible with any AVR-based Arduino (such as Arduino Uno, Leonardo, etc.).
  • L298N Double H-bridge driver for DC or stepper motor: with this module you can control two DC motors or a stepper motor.
  • RFID writing and reading module compatible with Arduino: With this RFID module you can read and write RFID cards type MiFare.

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