Arduino is a computer platform that is made to make microcontrollers simple. Arduino can be used by hobbyists, artists, artists, and so many more people. Anyone interested in designing and creating smart and creative designs is in good hands with Arduino.

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Arduino: The Technical Explanation

Arduino makes it possible to create interactive devices and objects. These devices and objects respond to their environment through digital and analog input signals.
These input signals can be generated by switches, light sensors, different types of meters, temperature sensors or even commands generated from the internet.
The output signals can control motors, lights, pumps, displays, etc. and also generate input to another type of Arduino module.

In short: Arduino is therefore an open-source (software is free downloadable) electronics platform and consists of a combination of hardware and software. It is made so that you can work with electronic components as easily as possible.

The intention of Arduino is that people without any programming experience can also get started quickly.

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The Arduino Starter Kit

With the Arduino Starter Kit you will learn the basics of Arduino in a practical way. Thanks to the 15 projects included in this kit, you will learn to control the physical world with the help of various sensors and actors. Thanks to these projects, you can familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of this Arduino kit. The projects also offer all the answers to your questions.
Once you have mastered this knowledge, you have a wide range of codes and circuits to create beautiful things and to impress the people around you! Thanks to Arduino you can build, hack and share as much as you want.

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