LEGO® Education 6 Bricks

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Six Bricks is a hands-on tool for learning. Through fun and short activities with sets of 12 LEGO® DUPLO® bricks in six bright colours, children can practice their memory, movement, creativity and more. You can adapt activities and of course make your own activities to match the children’s skills and interests.

What skills do children practice?

When they are engaged and challenged in playful ways, children practice skills for learning:

Language such as describing in rich detail, giving clear instructions, explaining your reasons, and telling stories, which helps you to communicate with others and express your ideas.
Problem solving including to stay focused, and remember a task or a challenge, set goals and make plans, come up with creative ideas, and reflect on what you do and how you do it.
Collaboration as in working together in pairs or teams, share turns and the materials you work with, learn from your peers and their ideas, and give each other roles and responsibilities.


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